Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Well, Christmas is over!! I'm exhausted and you probably are too! All that shopping, wrapping, decorating and then the cooking!! Then today Amber and I were back at the stores making a few returns. Surprisingly the stores we went to weren't crowded at all! Amber had several things to exchange and no problem doing it! Now she's trying to figure out how to get her backmassager into her suitcase!! I cooked 2 turkey breasts for dinner, one to eat for dinner and one for sandwiches later. My Mom came over for present opening and dinner later in the day. Amber leaves for New York in about an hour so she can get back to work tomorrow. Howard and I have the week off and the boys have to work a couple days, but no school. Still no real sign of winter. Today was overcast and a bit drizzly but no snow and none in the forecast. Please don't worry though, winter will arrive eventually and we will have to shovel at some point!!

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