Sunday, December 17, 2006

Under the Weather

I am really feeling the Christmas pressure now! I have been sick since Thursday morning when I woke up and could hardly talk or swallow. I didn't have time to be sick!! I was hosting 10 girlfriends for Bunco that night! Thankfully I had already shopped for food and the decorating was done. After taking myself to the Dr. and a 2 hour wait, I was home with medicine by 10:00 a.m. Diagnosis - Acute Bronchitis, possible Pneumonia. Geez, I didn't feel that sick! I managed to get through the day and had a successful Bunco party but have paid for it since then. Friday I layed around all day, Saturday managed to get dressed and then lay around and today got dressed and managed to do a few "must do" tasks. Bronchitis always takes it out of me. No energy, lots of bone-wracking coughing, yuk!! I just want to feel well enough for work tomorrow. We only have until Thursday but it will be a crazy week with both classes having parties and the All School Sing-A-Long on Thursday. Amber will also be home Thursday morning. Both boys are finished with school for the semester so one of them will be elected to pick Amber up in Detroit. Hard to believe by this time next week it will all almost be over!! Take care of yourselves and stay well. I will be busy wrapping and doing that last minute shopping this week. Thank goodness for the Internet as I was able to do alot of it that way and am just waiting for the deliveries!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope feel better. Bam Ma spent the weekend over at my house watching Tara and Joe so we could go out of town. I don't know what we'd do without her. We got her hooked on bookworm, next it's email and the internet.