Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Do Believe Spring Has Finally Sprung!

What a beautiful week we have had! The sun has been shining most days and we haven't even had any rain, though we could use it. The week was fairly quiet though Thursday night held some promise for a little while. Three of the teachers in our building were nominated and made the finals for Teacher of the Year. The ceremony was at 5:00 that day but I wasn't able to attend. We were all supposed to meet up afterward to celebrate. Sadly, none of our teachers won but we celebrated anyway. One of the aides in our building did win the Betty Campion Distinguished Support Staff Award so we celebrated her too! A good time was had by all! Saturday was filled with chores around the house. I started the laundry and worked out in the yard a bit. I finally got those lillies planted. I harvested a little of that porch lettuce Saturday night and we added that to our dinner. H was working on a project. He found that our old ones were rotten and falling apart so he decided to build some new ones. He's mostly finished, the paint is drying, and he still needs to attach the pickets but that will probably have to wait until next weekend. I tried not to be on my feet all day, like I usually am on the weekend, because Saturday afternoon was my first 5K Walk! It was at a local county park and while I was hoping the path would be mostly level, that didn't turn out to be the case. The course was tough with 3-4 steep hills and not the lovely paved path we had started on. The runners took off first and the walkers started right behind them. There were four of us who stuck together for the walk, Loretta, Dorene, Diane and me. A couple other teachers did the run portion and we only saw them at the start because by the time we finished (I believe we were last, though I can't confirm this) everyone had pretty much gone home. With a couple stops to catch our breath on the hills and a few photo opps at the mile markers, we finally finished at around 1 hour. We were all happy just to have finished our very first 5K Walk! Today was a gorgeous day but I spent much of it inside, shopping, I went to Kohl's to try to find a couple more pairs of pants and shirts to get me through to the end of school, then on to Sam's Club for a big shop. We were out of lots of stuff and the freezer looks so empty! When I got home I had just enough time to plant my potatoes. I have decided to plant them at home this year, using the pot method. The bugs out at the garden were just too bad last year. By the time I was ready to harvest the tops were pretty much eaten off. The harvest wasn't as good as it had been in past years either. I'm using Scott's laundry tub that Tyler drilled holes in, half filled with potting soil and composted manure. When the potatoes begin to sprout you keep filling it with dirt, covering the potatoes. It's in a good spot and they should do well unless those darn chipmunks or squirrels get wind of what's growing! Then I'll be in trouble and we will be purchasing our potatoes from the farmer's market in the fall. Life around the house has benefited from the warm temps. My peonies have grown, the trees are trying to bud, the ducks are still hanging around. I have no idea what this guy is doing but something in the pond must be yummy! the geese are honking and last night I couldn't resist recording this sound so you could hear what I do every night when I go to bed. A spring lullaby. It's going to be a busy week. I have after school tutoring, I'll have to try to fit in a walk every day, and Thursday night is our school talent show and Bunco. Not sure if I'll make it to Bunco as we are selling candy at the talent show as a fundraiser for our Leader In Me program that we'll be working on all summer and will begin in the fall. Have a good week!

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