Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mini-Vaca Over, Fall Colors and other stuff...

So, I had a wonderful (but super fast) weekend with my little sweetie, Quinn. Hard to believe that was two weeks ago already! I arrived Thursday evening, met at the airport by the whole family and one little girl who was very happy to see her Mimi and kept looking at me and saying my name to be sure I was really there! So cute.

Mama and Dada left very early the next morning for their weekend adventure. After a quick explanation when she woke up that Mama and Dada would be back "soon" we were off on our adventures. We had fun at the park and library, did a little shopping and went on a few walks.

Here she is opening her "surprise"!

I think she was more thrilled with the little toys it came with than the actual baby

but soon she decided the baby should receive more of her attention.

Before we knew it we were off to the airport again to pick up Mama and Dada. This time we drove instead of taking the train. Quinn seemed a little confused when Mama and Dada got in the car and Mimi headed into the airport but she was happy to have her family back together.

Since I returned home the work weeks have been a blur. Not only have we had MEAP testing for two weeks (our State mandated achievement tests) but we've had conferences on top of that! When I get home at the end of the day I collapse in a chair, get up briefly to make dinner, the coffee and start the dishwasher and then upstairs to rest some more before I go to bed! The weekends haven't been any more energy filled.

Fall is in full swing.

The leaves are falling, colors changing and the weather unpredictable. We've alternately had rainy, windy, chilly days and then days like today when the sun is out all day long and you can enjoy sitting on the deck in the sun for a little while.

Most of last week the lowest temp we had during the days was mid-50's so I still haven't given up my capri pants and sandals yet. Soon though, very soon. After all, it's almost the last week in October! Some years we've had snow by now. But thankfully, not this year.

We haven't bowled in 3 weeks. We bowled a few weeks ago and then pre-bowled two days later so it will almost be a month since we've bowled when we go Friday night. My knee has been bothering me after bowling so I'm gonna have to be careful and not overdo. This old age thing is a real pain. I don't like it, not one bit.

In other news, Scott had an interview this week for a job he would really like to get. We are really keeping our fingers crossed for him. He's only working in the warehouse 3-4 days a week, depending on how much work they have for him.

We haven't heard much from Tyler lately. He's just working and trying to save money so that when his time there is up he will have a little savings to live off of until he can find another job. His girlfriend, Melanie, will be leaving Korea soon as he contract is up. She's going back to Canada for a while and then traveling so Tyler hopes it won't be too long until they can see each other again. After that, I don't know what their plans are. I'm on a "need to know" basis and I guess there's nothing I need to know right now. Tyler is planning to stay in Korea until April when his contract is up. At least that's the plan for now.

A, A & Q are taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather and visiting Fall Festivals in Virginia. Quinn and I tried that the weekend I was there but since I wasn't familiar with the area I couldn't find a place to park and wasn't sure where else I might go so we just passed up the petting zoo and headed for Target. There was plenty of parking there. Luckily there was another petting zoo a couple weeks later so Quinn got her share of animals to pet.

Apparently one little "kid" liked her so much he gifted her with a head butt, knocking her to her bottom. No harm done and she was ok and didn't even cry.

She's so funny, every afternoon she "facetimes" me and says the required "Hi, Mimi" and then quickly make a request to see her boy, Charlie. She absolutely loves that knuckle head.

Zoe had her yearly check up this week. She needed her 3 year Rabies shot and blood work for heart worm. I almost fell over when the vet tech said, "do you think she's a little thin?" I hadn't really thought so but she explained that she could feel her backbone and ribs fairly prominently and she thought she could stand to gain a couple pounds. Wow, I was really caught off guard by that one. A few years ago I had to get her to lose 10 pounds!! TEN pounds! Guess it worked. She usually puts a few pounds on over the winter anyway so I'm not too concerned about it and neither was the Vet but he agreed, gaining a couple pounds would be good for her. She won't complain about that at all. I've never seen a dog get as excited about food as she gets. She absolutely quivers.

I found it an interesting article this morning in the Dog Fancy magazine that I borrowed from the school library. Every few months Dog Fancy has a double issue, one regular issue and then in the back section it's called Natural Dog and is all about more natural things for dogs. The article was about these two men out in Cali who have started a business that makes home cooked food for dogs. Imagine! I told H, looks like I was 5 years ahead of my time with this whole cooking for dogs idea. Only in Cali would a business like that thrive. People here look at me like I'm crazy when I say I cook for my dogs. Yea, who's crazy now!!???!!

Friday I came home at noontime for lunch and when I looked out the kitchen window my fabulous $100 squirrel-proof bird feeder was.....GONE! MISSING! DISAPPEARED! I had an idea where it might have gone but didn't have time to change my shoes and traipse through the backyard looking for it. When I got home after school I changed into my oldest, beat up tennis shoes and started the hunt. Since I had a pretty good idea who the thief was (I knew it wasn't the squirrels, after all, it is squirrel proof) I headed toward the pond. Sure enough, through the brambles, and they were vicious, including some with 2 inch long thorns, there was my very expensive bird feeder lying in the mud!

After a struggle where I thought I was either going to sink like I was standing in quick sand or lose my shoe, I emerged the victor, $100 squirrel-proof bird feeder in hand! Right away I started thinking. What fool proof contraption could we come up with to prevent this from happening again because, really, I was lucky to get this expensive gadget back in one piece! I don't want this happening again. H and I discussed it this morning and after ruling out several designs, this is the one we thought most RACCOON proof!

They are smart, I give them that, but let's see them figure this one out! Short of bringing their little axes and chopping down the tree, I don't think they will get far the next time! Dirty rotten thieves! Hopefully this hillbilly security system will do the job!

Time will tell. I'll keep you updated!

I'm enjoying the last flowers of summer. H was trimming back the roses last weekend and brought these beauties into the kitchen.

They filled up the whole kitchen with their beautiful aroma. Love them! And I will miss them, until next summer...

Today H and I spent an hour or so out at the garden putting it to bed for the winter. We cleaned out both plots though I've decided if I'm allowed to get a plot for next year I will only be getting one.

I'll be calling tomorrow to see if they "allow" me to work one next year. They may decide I'm not worthy since I wasn't able to put in my full 20 hours of volunteer time. We'll see.

We found a really big bonus carrot

and some broccoli that was still going to town. There were a couple cabbage heads, some parsley and I dug up my rosemary and put it in a pot hoping to overwinter it in the basement.

It's looking really healthy right now so maybe it will make it. Manure is supposed to be delivered out there in a week or two so I will be spreading some of that and planting some garlic.

So, the weekend is almost over. It's been a good one. We got a few things accomplished and got a fair amount of rest and I'm so happy to say I have a 3 day weekend because I don't have school tomorrow! Teacher's worked conferences two nights so they get Monday off in exchange. Not a bad deal on the whole except I won't be getting paid for it. Oh well, right now it seems worth it. I may change my mind come pay day but it will be nice not to have to get up at 5:00 tomorrow.

Have a good week!

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