Sunday, August 7, 2011

Birthdays and Garden Report

I'm not sure where the week has gone but it flew by quickly. It took a little while to catch my breath after Amber and Quinn left on Thursday. Taking care of Quinn while her mama was in New York went just fine but I have to admit anytime she took a nap or when she went to bed I used that time to catch my breath and rest up. That girl is a whirling dervish!

I know she looks like an angel here. She takes her piano playing seriously. She doesn't bang and she listens to what she's playing! And, just so you know, I didn't put her up here so she could play the piano. She climbed up all by herself and just started playing. She's very independent like that! I think she'll be asking her Daddy for her own piano real soon!

So even though she has tons of energy and never stops moving (unless Elmo is on) she is also a joy and so much fun to be with. Can't wait until we see her again in just a couple weeks!

I haven't seen our resident kitty in the last couple weeks but we do have proof of her visits. We found another dead mole in the side yard and then this week there was another one on the welcome mat on the front porch! In fact, I almost stepped on it when I went out there to water some flowers. So, for those keeping track, that's 4 moles caught and killed now! She's doing a fabulous job! Those things tear up the yard like crazy and have been in our front yard for years. Keep up the good work kitty!!

Today I made a trip out to the garden. It had been a week again and things have really grown up. Sadly one of my tomato bushes was loaded with tomatoes but they had all split and I had to throw them all away, I was able to harvest a bunch of other goodies though, including these grape tomatoes and lots of carrots.

I also decided to pull some onions though I'm not really sure I should have yet.

They are big enough and they look great but after I picked them and came home I googled onion harvesting and they said you should wait until the tops die back and then pull them. I guess I'll try both ways and see how they do. They are beautiful though and huge compared to last year's crop. I guess that bulb food really helped.

Sadly I did notice that the community part of the garden isn't looking too good, at least part of it. It's full of weeds and you couldn't even see the tomato plants for the weeds. I guess people aren't able to get out there to help out much this year. I know I haven't been out there to put in any community time yet either. Hopefully this week I can go out and help harvest for the farmer's market on Saturday.

Somebody had a birthday yesterday.

The birthday boy turned 4 yesterday but we didn't have much of a celebration for him.

The day passed fairly quietly for him though Scott did take him to the park for a quick run which made him extremely happy.

Look what I finally got today!

Actually we went to Tennessee a month ago to pick up the swing and the plan was to just put it on my old frame. But once H looked at the old frame and tried to patch it up, he decided that it just wasn't good enough and went about finding the material to make me a completely new frame too. It's taken a while, him being a perfectionist and all, but today he finally put it together and the swing is now operational and in place for my swinging enjoyment!!

I've still got a couple closets to clean out before school starts again. Hopefully I can get on that this week plus fit in a few other things. And swing on my new swing, maybe get back out to the garden (and remember my camera) and enjoy the outdoors. The weatherman is predicting cooler temps this week so I'm hoping to open up the windows and give the air conditioner a rest.

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

This post made me LOL! Have a good week! No mention of QP's red-letter day?

Anonymous said...

PS: HB to Charlie! He has lots of fans in VA! We were talking about him yesterday and today!

Amber said...

Happy birthday, Charlie! Thanks for being such a wonderful doggie to Quinn.
Also I think that kitty is due a treat for all that mole-ing!