Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good-bye July...

Wow, that month flew by! Why does summer seem to pass so fast and winter just drags, especially around March??

I've managed to get a few more things cleaned out and organized, worked in the yard and the garden

zucchini casserole (before)

zucchini casserole (after)

and caught up with a few friends for lunch.

This past week we have been super busy because these special girls arrived a week ago!

This was shortly after they arrived and someone didn't get a long enough nap. She rarely falls asleep like this so you know she must have been tired!

Once she caught up on her sleep we have been on the go, non-stop!
We've gone swimming a few times

Visited the garden

Gone to the park

Taken Charlie to the park

Eaten more popsicles that we can count (they are sugar free which is a good thing because we are on a second box)

Climbed the stairs dozens of time and sat on them innocently while reading her books

Practiced finger painting. Apparently she doesn't like it when they do it at day care but she had absolutely no problem with it here, until it was clean-up time and then she wasn't too happy.

Celebrated Grandpa's birthday

Went to a baby shower for a friend who is having her first grand-child in September

Played farm with Uncle Scotty

Plus lots of other things that I didn't get pictures of like going for walks around the block, riding the merry-go-round with Grandpa at the mall, going to a dairy farm and visiting the cows and eating ice cream there, playing with and chasing Charlie and Zoe all around the house (those dogs are saints) coloring, singing, and dancing.

It's been really hot here but during the two days of rain we did have I saw these little cuties crossing the street to get from the pond behind our house to the pond behind the houses across the street. So cute!

So it's been a week since the girls arrived and this morning Amber left for a few days of work in NYC but Quinn stayed behind with Mimi and Grandpa. We will take care of her until Wednesday night when Mommy comes back and then they will leave for Virginia the next morning. What a nice long visit!!

I'm sure I'm gonna need a few days of rest at the end of the week. Taking care of an 18 month old is exhausting! She is such a busy girl, running from one activity to the next and expecting us to keep up with her!

I should probably get to bed soon. I'm gonna need all the energy I can get for the next 3 days! Wish me luck!

Have a good week!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Looks like fun, fun, fun. Good luck this week. Mahalo and aloha!