Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Week...

Another week of summer, another week closer to school starting. This was a pretty quiet week. The weather was so nice I was able to leave the air conditioning off and windows open all week. It was a pretty slow week.

Not much happening. I joined a couple different friends for lunch, attended a little get-together for our new Principal which wasn't very well attended but still fun. Apparently most people are trying to get those last minute trips in before school starts.

On Wednesday I had to take Zoe and Charlie to the vet to get their Bordatello vaccine (which really isn't a vaccine since it's a liquid given through the nose) so that they can go into boarding next Saturday. First, I've never taken them to the vet together. I don't recall if this began intentionally but I don't think so. Right now Zoe has to go for her check-up and shots in October and Charlie goes in December. The trip this week had to be together though. First I had to make sure no other dogs were in the waiting room. Check. Then we made our way to the reception area and on to the scales individually. To say they were excited is an understatement. While waiting Charlie let out a bark every few minutes just to remind them we were there. I think the receptionist finally got his hint and before long we were in our exam room. The exams went without a problem, both were curious about what was happening to the other which was funny. While there I did ask the vet about Charlie's anxiety medicine and why it wasn't working.

He switched him to a new kind and we got a chance to try it out last night. Poor dog! He was so drugged up we were kind of worried about him. It relaxed his eyes so much they were droopy and so bloodshot! But I have to say, he was calm. I think next time I will give him just a half instead of a whole pill. The nice thing about the pill is it lasts for 12 hours instead of just 4 like the last one. Next time we have storms all night long he should be much calmer.

I saw our little kitty this past week. She didn't leave us any presents and she didn't stay around too long. I let the pups out on the deck after hearing what sounded like a Robin in some kind of distress and Miss Kitty ran off. I guess she was doing something the Robin didn't like because as soon as she was gone the Robin calmed down and quit squawking!
When I saw this guy from the top deck I thought maybe he was a victim of our kitty friend but I guess he was just taking a nap. He stirred when I made a noise and later when I came back he was gone so I guess he was ok.

Yesterday H and I made a trip out to the garden. We harvested some tomatoes but that was about it. I noticed a couple potato plants have died back so I'll be able to harvest those soon and probably the rest of the onions. Most of the tomato plants aren't looking too good. I had a lot of grape tomatoes which was nice and just a few plum. I won't have the big tomato harvest I've had in past years. I also got an email that the honey that our garden bees have made is ready for purchase. I can pick that up at the Parks & Rec office tomorrow. Last year they sold out before I was able to get some so I'm really gonna try to get down there and get some this year.

I guess that's all the excitement for this week.

I hardly even took any pictures. Oh, I almost forgot, one exciting thing! This coming week is Scott's final week of college!! He has a final on Tuesday and THEN HE IS DONE!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!! We are definitely going to celebrate. This is a red letter day! All 3 Mitchell children have finally (or will next week) graduated from college!! H and I have decided to celebrate next week on our vacation. And then Scott's job search will begin. Thankfully he already has a part-time job that he's also starting next week but he'll still continue looking for a REAL job!

We are counting down to our vacation at our time share in Florida.

I'm hoping we have much nicer weather than last year. I'm also so looking forward to spending time with Quinn and her Mama and Dada. They are coming down for the week too. We will also see some extended family members this week too and we can't wait to see them. This time next week we'll be sitting next to the pool with Margaritas!

Have a good week!

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Margaritas for some, popsicles for a certain teeny-tiny person!