Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Been A While...and Happy Father's Day!

So... school ended June 9. The kids were only there in the morning. I spent the rest of the day cleaning things up in our room and packing up what we could. The ESL department is moving across the hall to a bit bigger room!

The next morning, bright and early, I was on a plane jetting my way to Virginia. Quinn and I spent a little Mimi/Baby time together. Saturday Amber & Andy headed off to San Francisco for a few days of adult time. Quinn and I got busy right away having some girl fun~

We read books together, went swimming in the pool, took walks looking for puppies or birds or anything else we could find.

We went to the park and out to dinner together.

We had a wonderful time and I so enjoyed spending one on one time with my sweet little granddaughter!

I stayed on a few more days spending time with Amber, Andy and Quinn.

I enjoyed my visit but being away from home (and my own bed) for 8 days was a long time. A couple fluffballs missed me, at least a little.

They stayed pretty close to me all last evening.

Today (Father's Day) started off with a nice breakfast for H, a little bacon, eggs and some toast. Then he went his way and I went mine. H headed off to pick up some special ingredients for something he wanted to make for dinner. I headed off to try to find some herbs to put in the garden and anything else that was left out there, and let me tell you, there wasn't much left.

After that H and I went out to the garden to see how things were growing. I hadn't been out there in two weeks and man, things were a mess.

We pulled lots of weeds but there are still lots left.

I'll have to get back out there next week and pull some more.

Things seem to be growing slowly right now. Except for this thing!

Look at the size of this radish!

Then it was time to get home to start dinner. H made this Gazpacho (from scratch) with the tomatoes we canned last summer.

It was good, kind of like a nice salsa to me but he did a great job.

Then I made him his favorite cookies for dessert!

I have lots to do this week and I'm not sure how I'll get it all accomplished but I guess I'll just do what I can. Tomorrow is the first day of summer school for me. It actually started last week but I'm only working next week.

Then I'm really gonna get started on cleaning those closets!

Here's a few more, just for you Tyler!!

Have a good week!

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Anonymous said...

Great update! That little girl sure looked like she had a good time with her Mimi. Many thanks!