Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Things First...

First, let me just say, since all I've done the past 6 months is complain about our Michigan weather, today is an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS PERFECT DAY!! As I begin writing this post on Sunday at about 4:00 p.m., the sun has been out most of the day, the birds are chirping, the peepers are peeping, kids are playing outside and the temp is about 78 degrees!! Don't get too excited. That's just today's temp. The rest of the week will be in the 50's and tonight and tomorrow we are expecting thunderstorms and rain but today, TODAY, is wonderful!! I'll have to stop writing in a few minutes and finally take the pups to the high school field as they have been patiently waiting all afternoon. (Ok, when I took them to the field, which they thoroughly enjoyed, the thermometer in my car registered 82 degrees!!) They didn't last long. Too much heat too quickly and they are beat!

I wish we could have had some of this kind of weather last week during my Spring break and when Amber & Quinn were here. It was cold and gray and windy and rainy much of the time they were here. The one day we ventured outside and tried to take Quinn to the school playground for a little swing time, her teeth were actually chattering and we couldn't stay long.

Also unfortunately Quinn wasn't feeling too well most of the week. She had been fighting off a cold and after a pretty sleepless night on Wednesday we took her to the Dr. on Thursday to discover a pretty bad ear infection. :-( Poor baby! After that she was doctored up with drops, antibiotic, benedryl and tylenol. Amber wanted her feeling better for the return trip home. It's no fun flying (for Amber or Quinn) when someone has an earache.

Since we couldn't get out and go much, we enjoyed our time at home. Quinn had a great time with Charlie, as always. They are good buddies and I am so thankful that he's so good with her. He's very tolerant and puts up with all her baby ways like stepping on his feet, poking at his eyes and pulling on his fur. He loves her (and all the goodies she can provide him with.)

She also had her first experience in a big tub, a really big tub!!

We had this blow up duckie tub but every time Amber put her in it she would cry. Finally Amber tried her in the big tub, even though she had to get in there with her, and she loved it!

At one point the whole family was in there together watching her enjoy bath time!

The rest of the time we just hung out here at the house while Amber worked.

Playing piano with Mama.

Grandpa was home part of the time too.

They were blowing bubbles here. He took a couple afternoons off and Friday but Amber worked every day except Thursday and we took a little trip to the mall that day and that's also the day we had to take Quinn to the Dr.

Reading books in the office while Mimi was on her computer. Then she would come up to me and say "uh, uh, uh". That meant I needed to put Beyonce's Single Ladies on so we could have our dance party!!

More reading (in the great chair we found at Salvation Army for like $2)

Some good friends stopped by for a visit.

Playing with toys.

More play time with Zoe & Charlie on the deck. Zoe isn't quite sure about Quinn. Sometimes she gets a little rough and Zoe is sensitive. Zoe chooses to just walk away, which is good.

However, Quinn chooses to follow her.

She finally catches up. Zoe never does anything except send me this forlorn look like "can't you help me out, Mom?"

Some Mama time, with Zoe supervision.

Quinn and her buddy, Charlie.

Help me Uncle Scotty.

She loved chasing Uncle Scotty around the house.

We all love having this sweet little face around, even Zoe.

It was a great way to spend Spring Break. Just wish we had some warmer weather.

So now Spring Break is over and after today it's really going to start feeling like Spring. After all, I'm wearing capri's today and I actually painted my toe nails (just a stop-gap measure until I can get a real pedicure) and I've been hearing this wonderful sound the last few nights (and all day today).

Once I hear this sound for a few nights I'm convinced. Spring has sprung and warmer weather must be on the way! At school the countdown will begin counting down the first day of summer vacation. It's really only 2 months away! That's not long at all!

Have a good week!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun week! Thanks for taking good care of them!