Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Long Wait ...

The long wait continues. It's officially Spring. It's really cold here. Most days are freezing, right at freezing or below freezing. One plus, the sun has been out lately providing a slow melt of each new snow we get which thankfully is only an inch or so each time.

Sometimes you see positive signs so you know it's coming.

Then you are reminded that winter still has an "icy" grip!

It's been a quiet week and weekend. With H gone I haven't cooked dinner much. It's funny, when he is home and I cook for us, Scott is rarely home to each with us. This week he seemed to be home every night always asking "what's for dinner"? My answer was, "not much" or "where do you want to go". With H coming home tonight, dinner is already in the oven. One of the few things I've heard from him is he was tired of Korean Bar-B-Q!

I've chatted with my little sweet heart almost every night at dinner time. She's actually requesting to "talk" to her Mimi while she's eating. although she doesn't say much.

I think she just likes to see me for a few minutes, have me entertain her a little, see Charlie and Zoe, crazy Uncle Scotty and when she's finished eating, she blows me a kiss and says "bye bye dada". I love it! I hear she says "bye bye dada" to everyone, including DaDa.

Today I took the pups up to the high school field but we didn't stay long. To start, I saw a truck parked by the soccer field which meant someone was already there with at least one other dog and could appear at any time. That's never good. That means that Charlie could take off on me at any time. We played for about 10 minutes then came home before he could run off.

When we got home I decided to take Charlie for a walk. Now that I don't have any more foot pain I figured I should really try to start walking again. He was a complete spaz. Even though Scott supposedly walks him now and then, he was all over the place. It took a bit of time to remind him how he's supposed to behave on a leash! He finally got it though and walked nicely. We only walked for about 20 minutes. That was about all both of us could take.

So now the countdown begins. Only 5 days of school and then we are on our Spring Break. A whole week off and I'm really hoping for some decent weather. Not in the 70's, (let's be realistic) but how about some 50's?? We are having a special little visitor (plus our lovely daughter) and I would love to be able to take her to the zoo or on a walk without freezing!

Please Spring, please join us for just a week! The weather this coming week is supposed to be above freezing at least. I'm hoping it holds out for a little longer.

Have a good week!


daughter said...

wow, my visit has been reduced to parentheticals!!! geez

Deb said...

But I still love you and I'm glad you're coming! Does that help? xo