Sunday, December 19, 2010

We Are Definitely Having a White Christmas...

So last week I was talking about how the snow had come down all day and chances were good that a Snow Day was in my future! Well, I was right. That was the good news. The bad news was that I got the call at 4:30 a.m. on Monday morning!! And just about the time I was drifting off, I got another call from the District at 5:00! From that point on there was no going back to sleep so I decided to just get up and get going. It was clear I wasn't going to be driving anywhere (though later in the morning H did make it to work after a very long wait on the Interstate because a truck had overturned and they had to clear it out of the way) and I might as well get some things done around the house.

So I did this

It was a heavy, wet snow too and we figure we got 6-7 inches at least. H was out there with the snow blower several times.

By Monday night things weren't looking any better as it was so darn cold the salt wasn't working. The many side roads and even some main ones, had a layer of ice in spots. The buses weren't going to be able to make it to school with ice on the roads so they made the call Monday night around 9:30 that there would be no school on Tuesday.

By Tuesday I was going a little stir crazy as I hadn't been out in a couple days and I really wanted to get Tyler's package mailed and also my Christmas cards. I decided to give it a try but it was pretty scary out there. The main road I take to the post office is a bit hilly and going up those partially ice covered roads was pretty scary. I did make it though and got everything mailed.

I wasn't sure there would be school on Wednesday either because it was still so cold that the salt wasn't working on the ice but I guess two days was enough time off so there was no snow day call on Wednesday. I managed to get to school on time or nearly but the buses were very late. Qi's bus was almost 30 minutes late that morning. I was at school by 7:10 and he usually gets there around 7:25 but it was almost 8:00 when he finally got there. There was even indoor recess because the playground was covered in a layer of ice too.

The rest of the week was pretty much a blur. We had parties, a sing-a-long, lesson plans to prepare, wrapping of gifts for the families we adopted, loading their car with all the presents, loading a truck for a food bank with all the school district's extra food and end of year stuff to file away so we were pretty busy. I was glad to see Friday roll around!

Yesterday H got the big tree up and he decorated it all by himself. I'd say he did a nice job. It looks great.

I put up my Snow Baby tree and put out my Snow Babies and the rest of the things around the house, like some baby's stocking!!

Scott even helped out by putting up the staircase garland.

Yesterday this lovely centerpiece arrived from H's brother Dan and his wife Cheryl.

This is always such a nice gift and it makes the table look so festive, or at least it will if I ever get the junk cleared off of it. I've realized that while I do enjoy my new "office" in the former dining room, at this time of year I am really missing my dining room table since it was "wrapping central" and I don't really have anything to take it's place except the kitchen table, where we actually eat! I guess I'll manage somehow since it's only a week until Christmas. Just think, this time next week it will all be over!!

I just remembered this funny picture I wanted to put in here. Last week the temps got so cold that the dogs couldn't walk out in the snow. After a few steps they would just lay down and refuse to move. While I was out on Tuesday I ran into the pet store and picked up these babies.

Wouldn't you know, the temps warmed up a bit so they didn't need them but we'll be prepared next time. You should see how funny they walk in them. I'll have to get video next time. It's hilarious!!

I still have lots to do this week. I still need to wrap everything and maybe make another batch of sugar cookies to give to friends and neighbors. The dogs need to go to the groomers before Christmas. They really are overdue but I haven't had time to get them there. Amber and Andy and Quinn will arrive Wednesday afternoon so we have to get things ready for their arrival too! We can't wait.

Quinn has a special Christmas surprise for us (and we have one for her too Andy. It rhymes with "guppy").

The Mitchell's In Michigan are wishing everyone a Merry Christmas full of joy.


Anonymous said...

Cute stocking! Cute dogs! Question: Q already has two yuppies (her parents), what is she going to do with another?

Deb said...

Guess you'll have to wait and see Anon!! But trust me, she'll love this!! :-)

morningbrayfarm said...

Hi Deb! Thanks for visiting Morning Bray Farm.

Holy cow... your cookie baking skills are extremely impressive. :) Why do I always lose my patience after the first or second batch? :D

We love your dogs - and their booties. :)

Merry Christmas!

~mel said...

Merry Christmas! Love the doggy snow boots ... and the chickadee pic.