Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas-Before and After

So it's been a busy week! Amber and Andy and Quinn arrived Wednesday afternoon. We were pretty much on the go every day up until Christmas Eve. Everyone (except me and Andy) seemed to have a little last minute shopping to do and had to make a few trips out to pick up last minute items. I stayed home and made Christmas cookies and played with Quinn.

I was glad when Christmas Eve rolled around and everyone could just stay home and relax. The tree looked beautiful with just a small pile of presents underneath.
Instead of our traditional Christmas Eve pizza we had stuffed shells. We decided to have pizza the night before that since everyone was tired from all the cookie decorating (and cookie baking).

Here's Quinn just after she opened her Christmas Eve pajamas (with her Mommy and Daddy). She was pretty tired by this time and it wasn't long before she headed off to bed.

Here she is Christmas morning. There was so much for her to open and play with I'm sure it was a little overwhelming.

And here she is in her cute little Christmas outfit, one of two since she had a little accident in this one later in the day.

Here she is with all her puppy presents and a couple real puppies too.

Zoe and Charlie were in the Christmas spirit too and wore their special holiday bells around their necks. It sounded like Santa's reindeer were following me around all day!

Here's Quinn with her Uncle Scotty who is reading her one of her Christmas books. She just loves being read to.

She does the cutest dances when she plays with this toy and it plays music.

And here she is in her second Christmas outfit of the day with the present from her Grandpa H and Mimi.

We had Christmas dinner later in the day, around 5:00. We had a pretty relaxed day and spent the afternoon playing Scrabble and a card game, Five Crowns. Here's Quinn with her dinner though she wanted to share most of it with Zoe and Charlie. She has learned that game quite easily. What she doesn't want, just pitch it over the side and it quickly disappears when her two pals are nearby.

It was a pretty quiet day overall. Quinn went to bed around 7:30 and we ended up playing a couple more games of Five Crowns.

Andy has to return to Virginia this afternoon so Amber drove him to the airport while Grandpa and I babysat. We took Quinn to the grocery store to pick up a couple things and get her out of the house for a little while. She hadn't been out of the house since they got here on Wednesday. Then Grandpa and I were in charge of getting her dinner, a bath and put to bed. Amber was going to a get-to-gether with friends from her high school days. Bath and bed time are kind of a mad rush. By the time Quinn is ready for a bath she's pretty much had it for the day and just wants to get it over with, get her baba and go to bed! We had it all accomplished by 7:30 without a problem. Now we just keep our fingers crossed for her mama that she will sleep all night!!

And just for fun, while I was looking through the pictures taken in the last couple days I happened to notice how many pictures Zoe was in with Quinn. It seems wherever Quinn is, Zoe isn't far away. There were even a few more than these but I figured this was enough. In a couple you have to look a little closer, but Zoe is there!

I'm not sure what we will be doing the rest of the week. H and I are both off all week and Amber has to work from here on Monday and Tuesday. We are both just happy to get to spend a little more time with both of them.

Have a great week and a Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

What a cutie!

Lynilu said...

She is such a pretty baby! And that looks like a wonderful Christmas!