Sunday, November 14, 2010

No snappy title came to me this time...

Wow, what a week. I've been getting up at 5:00 a.m. every morning (which would be 6:00 a.m. without the time change so it shouldn't seem so early but it sure does) and having to go to bed earlier so I don't fall asleep every time I sit down! We transferred a Chinese student from another elementary school so he can gets more hours of service but he has to ride the bus to the middle school which leaves and arrives an hour earlier. I meet him in the morning and then escort him back in the afternoon. Everything has gone fairly smoothly with the transition except on Friday when I went to meet the bus there was no Qi (pronounced Chi). I figured he was either sick or had just missed it and maybe someone from his family would bring him later. Around 8:30 we got a call from the Principal at his former school saying he had ridden the bus there and gone to his old class. She packed him up in her car and drove him over. He looked a little embarrassed but we didn't think any more of it. Later in the morning my teacher called his family liaison and I talked to Qi. From the family we found out that little Qi had told his auntie (who he lives with) that his teacher at our school had told him it was ok to go visit his old school! From Qi I found out that he "just wanted to visit my old school and teacher"!! I hope he gets in at least a little trouble for that lying. I know it must be hard but still!!

H was in Mexico for most of the week, leaving Michigan on Tuesday morning and not coming home until late Friday night. He flew in to Mexico City, drove two hours to a town called Pueblo and spent the week there for a VW Expo. Unfortunately for him (and us) he didn't make it back in time for bowling Friday night. :-(

So for bowling it was just me, Judy and Bill. His thumb is all healed up but somehow he bowled worse than when he was injured! I, on the other hand, bowled fabulously!! Best series I've had in ages. I bowled a 149, 163 and 181! I actually beat Bill two games and beat Judy all three! That never, I mean never, happens!! I had a 493 series, almost 500!! Fat lot of good it did us though as we only took 1 point unfortunately. Before Friday night we had moved up to 5th place but that's probably lost now.

Saturday morning H and I headed for the Farmer's Market to pick up some eggs. We took the Mustang since it was a nice, sunny day though it was too chilly to put the top down. Last week the weather was really nice except for Tuesday when it was foggy and drizzly all day. It has been unseasonably warm for Michigan in November. Often we've had really cold temps and snow by now. Then today dawned and it was gray again. This is how the sky looked most of the day:

Today when I took the pups up to the high school it was really chilly. It was about 40 degrees but the wind was blowing so I'm sure the wind chill was much lower! I guess Winter is finally showing up, or pre-winter anyway. My hands were freezing and we couldn't stay long. And for some reason my camera was taking really crappy pictures. I'm blaming it on the grayness. They were either dark or out of focus.

These two came out ok but no good jumping shots today.

But I did get these two videos. Ok, they aren't the best, but it's hard to film and throw at the same time!

In other news, we are expecting a visit from a certain little someone in just 5 days! Next Saturday we will be laying some serious kisses on this little cutie!

She's 10 months old already!! That's so close to a year old I can hardly stand it!!
She really is something else. Just look at this pose!

Oh My Goodness. Serious cuteness there!

I also saw this great pic of Ty. Apparently he's doing a little sight seeing there in South Korea. I snagged this pic off his Facebook so I don't really know what's going on but he was visiting some kind of village I think. Maybe some day he'll update his blog and we can all find out what the heck he is doing over there!

I miss you son.

So that's really all the news worth reporting. I am so looking forward to Saturday and our few days with Quinn and Amber. They are coming in a few days early and then Andy will come on Wednesday so they can head over to the west side to visit the Porters for Thanksgiving. Then they will all be back here in a few short weeks for Christmas! This will be a wonderful Christmas. The only one missing will be Ty. He can't afford to spend the $1,500 to fly home for just a few days. Guess we'll just have to wait until May.

Have a great week!!

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