Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not Much to Blog About...

I guess that's why I haven't updated for a couple weeks. There's not much going on, just life in general. Things are going well at school, just busy. When I get home at the end of the day I'm beat. I'm working in mostly 5th grade this year, mostly math and coaching a computer program that's supposed to help kids read better. And up until the end of last week it's been hot and sticky in the building but all that is going to change soon. Fall is finally upon us and a change is coming. This weekend was cooler and the gray lasted all day Saturday. Today was a little better and the sun peeked in and out. The weather man says the big change is coming tonight with high winds, rain and thunder storms and cooler temps. Some forecasters are even saying the "F" word (frost)! No, say it ain't so!!

We went out to the garden today and things looked bleak. My tomatoes were rotting on the vine. We managed to harvest 20-30 Romas that I brought home and got into the freezer and two huge zucchini and a couple little sprigs of broccoli. If we have a frost this week as predicted, whatever is left in the garden will be toast. I may try to get out there tomorrow or the next day after work and snip off the Rosemary and see if I can pull up some onions. There's really not much left after that, just the mess to clean up. At this point I'm wondering if I'll try to have a plot next year, if they'll even let me since I never worked my 10 hours like I was supposed to. But then again, next Spring I'll be itching to grow something and might be ready to try it again.

Amber and Andy are doing well. They are starting to get the nursery ready for the big day which is only about 3 months away now. They ordered the dresser and crib and were spending the weekend putting them together. Look how great Amber looks and how cute her "baby bump" is looking. The Dr. says things are going well and everything looks good.

Tyler has started his final semester of college. In just 3 short months he will have that diploma that he has worked for for 6 years! I just pray nothing goes wrong. Already the University has waived two labs he has to take but they don't offer this semester. How lucky is that? And after living in Hawaii for almost 3 years he has finally purchased a car. He bought a very used Jeep yesterday and hopefully he won't have too many problems with it. Up until now he has relied on public transportation and friends to get him where he needed to go. The bus ride has been up to an hour sometimes but at least Oahu has a good system. Now he won't have to worry about that and when he gets a job in a few months he won't have to ride the bus. I had hoped to put a picture of it on here but apparently he didn't get it to me in time. It's a '97 Jeep and as the Craig's list ad said, it isn't pretty but it runs good!! Let's hope that's true!

Scott has also started school and seems to be hitting the books pretty hard with lots of homework. He is also getting used to his insulin pump he got about a month ago. So far things are going well with it. He's hoping to get his blood sugars under control and bring his A1C down under 7. The transition has been so easy I'm sure he's wishing he hadn't waited so long to try it.

I took the pups to the park yesterday and today. They really needed to get out and run. After being home alone and sleeping all week while the rest of us are out in the world wearing ourselves out, when the weekend comes they are ready for some fun!! Today I wore them out good with lots of frisbee.

Charlie caught it a couple times and flipped right on to his back. I think it stunned him a bit because when he got up he just stood there for a minute trying to figure out what happened. It was a good time at the park.

This week I have a baby shower to attend at work. One of the teachers who was due in October had her baby 5 weeks early. I hope she's bringing him to the shower. Then Friday night we have bowling again. I'm hoping to do better than last time.
And tomorrow H and I are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. Wow, 35 years! That sounds like such a long time. We don't have anything special planned. We are both saving all our vacation time (I'm saving my personal days) for when the baby comes. Maybe I'll put the candles out on the dinner table tomorrow night, if I remember.

I'm looking forward to this season's Amazing Race. It started tonight and there are some interesting people on there. Right now they are in Vietnam, covered in mud. Yuk!

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