Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Beautiful Weekend in Michigan!

It was a spectacular weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect. One of those weekends you desperately try to remember in the middle of January. Sunny, warm, no humidity, simply perfect.

Saturday morning we took the Mustang, top down, out to the Farmer's Market in search of their delicious organic, free range brown eggs. Unfortunately I had spent too much time lounging around in my pj's so my favorite egg lady was all out and I had to settle for the "egg man" whose eggs aren't nearly as good as egg lady's! We also picked up some potatoes and a couple nice mums to replace the petunias that were spent and recently removed.

Later in the day we went out to my garden since I hadn't been there in over a week and we haven't had any rain at all. I was also hoping to harvest my corn which the garden manager said should be ready mid-September. And just look at it! Isn't is gorgeous? We had it for dinner tonight though we could only find 2 ears that seemed ready. I was so anticipating that first bite!

Let's just say, it was a letdown. Apparently the worst happened and the corn was past it's prime and not sweet and crunchy like I had hoped. This corn will have to go down as one of the failures of the garden this summer. It looked great but couldn't live up to the hype. I guess I'll have to stick to the farmer's market corn which is cheap and delicious. For the room it took up in my garden I would say it really wasn't worth it. Live and learn.

The tomatoes, on the other hand, were fabulous! I had lots of cherry, Roma and those ping pong ball size ones whose name I can't remember. I still have plenty of green ones on the vine too so we will be eating tomatoes for a while yet. Today I blanched the Roma's and will freeze them for use later in a sauce.

Today while sitting on the deck I noticed the first little bit of fall leaves. It will still be another month before Fall really comes on with the changing in full swing, but we will begin to see glimpses here and there in the mean time.

The pups got a trip to the high school both days which they really needed. I was just too tired after work this week to take them. They do so need to get out as often as possible and I wish it could be every day. These pictures were taken after dinner while they were waiting around in case there was anything left for them.

So, another weekend is over, another busy week is ahead. We have curriculum night this week so things will be busy tomorrow. I still don't have a final schedule as the teacher's don't have one either. I've just been dropping in on classes as needed. It looks like I'll be spending a lot of time in 5th grade math. I hope I'm as smart as a 5th grader!!

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

What's going on with that garden? Did you contribute your community gardening hours yet?!?

Deb said...

Didn't make it out there last weekend. A little thing called "work" got in the way of those community gardening hours. I'll probably get kicked out for next year. :-(