Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekend in Virginia

We made it to Virginia yesterday with no problems other than our flight was delayed from taking off for about 30 minutes. This morning Amber and H-man spent their time working. Amber had a Dr.'s appointment this afternoon but she still had plenty of work to do. It was interesting listening in on her conference call and hearing what kinds of stories were going to appear on AOL today.

H-man had a bit of work to do today too.

He managed to get the rocker put together today with just a few touch-ups of paint. He packed it well and it arrived in good shape. Amber seems happy with it.

Then we were off to the Dr., the main reason for our visit. We were hoping to find out if we are having a Grandson or a Granddaughter. Look how happy they are to have just found out

that they are having a little GIRL!! It was so exciting when we heard the news. The technician measured everything, head, spine, heart beat and finally got a good view of what she had been looking for and said, "it's a girl"! How exciting!! Andy immediately sent e-mails out to both sides of the family telling them the good news.

Andy had to go back to work but Dad and daughter had one more project for the day. This one was a tough one but they finally got it put up.

Tonight before we met Andy for dinner Amber H-man and I headed to Macy's for a little shopping. We came home with lots of pink outfits for our granddaughter-to-be. She will be well dressed, at least from 3-6 months! Thankfully it's a tax free weeekend here in Virginia so our money went a little further.

It's late and we have another busy day planned for tomorrow. I just know I'm going to be dreaming of my little granddaughter-to-be. We think she has the Mitchell nose!

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