Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Garden Grows...

H-man went out to the garden with me last night. While I was checking out what was ripe and what needed picking H was my main photographer. The bigger tomatoes are just starting to ripen but I picked some cherry tomatoes and some that were a bit larger, about the size of a ping pong ball. In fact, I ate those for lunch today and they were delish!

These green peppers are gonna be ready in a few days. I only have 4 bushes of them but each one has 4-8 peppers on it.

Here's the beginning of my corn ears. It had grown so much since last week when I was out there.

You can't really tell how tall it is but it's over my head. In fact I'm behind there somewhere, though I am bending over.

We are supposed to have a stretch of really warm weather and no rain is predicted so those tomatoes should ripen soon. I do have a few failures. The poor carrots are completely hidden under the super overgrown tomato plants. The tomato plants are getting so big they are falling over and taking the cages with them.

The zucchini are doing great! These are a bit large but still usable. I'm thinking another zucchini casserole sounds good!


Teton Valley Mom said...

What beautiful veggies! Wish I could be harvesting right now- my garden didn't exactly work out like I planned this year. Maybe next...

Bush Babe said...

Awesome... have done some snaps of my broccoli and peas which I MUST post soon. Here is my recipe for big zucchinis (in case you haven't seen it) - delicious!!!