Monday, December 15, 2008

7 Days and Counting...

Wow, just 7 days, one short week from today, and we'll be on our way to Hawaii! It seems impossible to imagine right now. It's 17 degrees here tonight. This morning (and last night) it was in the high 40's. I was actually hot in my flannel pajamas last night! Even when I left for work this morning I only had to wear a sweatshirt! Then when I came home at lunch I grabbed my heavy coat as the temperature had dropped more than 20 degrees! Most of the snow melted yesterday but the ground is frozen!
In other news, I've had some disturbing news about the pups. First Charlie was sick this weekend. He threw up Saturday and Sunday nights and hasn't had much of an appetite. Luckily I was taking him to the vet today for his yearly check-up anyway. Instead of that though the vet wanted to run some blood tests, check his stool and urine. He wants to rule out kidney and pancreas problems. I'm hoping and praying it's all my fault for changing his diet to try to fatten him up. The vet wanted me to put him on Prilosec (an antacid) and an anti-nausea pill. He's still running around playing and stuff so hopefully the test will all come back ok and his problems won't be serious.

Also this weekend I just happened to lift up Zoe's lip and discovered this!

How my little baby broke off two of her teeth (!) I don't know! They are pretty much broken down to the gum line. The vet suggested I get her in when we get back as they might have to be pulled or they could get infected! Of all the times to have these problems, a week before we leave for Hawaii! I will be leaving my favorite pup/house sitter permission/directions what to do if things get worse, so don't worry!

The rest of the weekend was spent baking these beauties.

I wasn't going to participate in the cookie exchange this year but then 4 of us decided we really liked each other's cookies and we would have a mini-exchange instead. I still had to bake two batches in order to get 3 dozen of these big cookies and then spend time icing them so I worked on them for about 8 hours while also making dog food and making dinner! Talk about your multi-tasking! So in exchange for these cookies I got a dozen peanut butter kisses (the ones with the Hershey kisses in them) and a dozen Buck-Eyes and some type of bar cookies that's just ok. I should have stuck with my first instinct and just passed on the exchange altogether!

Tomorrow night is our LRC party at a local sports bar. I will go for a little while but don't plan to stay long. Things will be crazy at school this week. The kids are already super hyped up, naturally. Thursday afternoon is the classroom parties and then Friday afternoon we will have our all-school sing-a-long. Then we will be out of that place for 2 weeks!! yeeeehawwwwww!!

You might have heard that Hawaii has had some terrible weather the past week or so. Something called a "Kona" has swept through there bring almost 12 inches of rain, flooding, etc. According to their weather reports it's supposed to clear up in the next couple days and be in the 80's when we are there next week! Next week!! I can't believe it's NEXT WEEK!!! That's so close!! Can you tell I'm excited? Not only is it wonderful to be going to some place like Hawaii, it's also going to be wonderful to see Tyler (who we haven't seen in almost a year) and spend time with Amber and Andy who we haven't seen (and that was only for a day) since September. Plus spending some quality time with Scott, who won't be attached to his computer 24/7 will be nice too!


Anonymous said...

America wants to know: where are those patriotic red, white and blue Christmas trees this year?!?

Deb said...

My #1 patriotic cookie decorator didn't show this year!! Can you believe it?? The people who were standing in line for those cookies were not happy, I tell you, not happy at all!!