Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tyler Made It To Hawaii!!

Well, Tyler is in Hawaii now and doing fine. He had a couple little problems but managed to get there and is now all moved in to his new apartment. There wasn't much in the apartment other than the bed and a desk. He's already gotten his Student ID and bus pass so he should be able to get around ok. He had to take the bus to Wal Mart to buy essentials and said the bus driver wasn't happy with all the bags he brought on the bus to take home! He is anxious to get to the beach and explore a little more but has business to take care of first. Tomorrow is his orientation and then school starts on Monday. Hopefully he will be able to find his way around by then. He says Honolulu is a big city and it's gonna take some time to find his way around. It sounds like a lot of the school buildings are just mixed in with other downtown buildings. I told him to send pictures soon and when he does I'll share them.

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