Monday, January 8, 2007

Finally! A Little Winter is Here!!

Today we woke up to at least a little snow covering the ground. The roads were clear so it probably won't stick around long but it was pretty while it lasted. At one point this morning I looked out the window and huge flakes were falling. The kids get so excited you would think they had never seen snow before. Everyone has to stop and run to the windows to see what's happening out there! It takes a while to get everyone back on track and back to work!! This was another busy weekend for the Mitchell crew, both here and in Washington. Amber spent her weekend in Washington car shopping and I'm happy to report they found a car so that is a worry off Amber's mind and now she will have a way to get to her new job in a couple weeks. They bought a Saab 9-3, black, and Amber and Andrew seem happy with the deal! Next Saturday will be spent packing, loading and then driving to Washington on Sunday. Around the homefront in Michigan, the guys spent Sunday taking down the outside decorations and I spent the weekend setting up the new aquarium we purchased with the Christmas money my Dad and Ingrid sent us. I haven't taken any pictures yet but will soon. I bought our first 6 fish on Sunday and now have to wait a month before I add any more. I had forgotten what a science fishkeeping can be! It's been 20 years almost since I had a tank and had to take care of fish. Tyler is finalizing his plans for his big move to Hawaii. Hard to believe it's only a week away. He can't wait to leave this cold, gray climate and enjoy some sunshine. It's supposed to be 79 and sunny when he arrives next week. Scott is back in school and spending all his money on books! Man, they are expensive!! He's hoping to pick up a few more shifts to help pay for all this knowledge.

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