Monday, December 5, 2016

Winding Down...

The holidays are here and the year is almost over! It was a very busy one for the Mitchells with lots of trips to Florida for house-hunting, packing, "lasts", saying goodbye to my job of 22 years with a lovely retirement party, goodbye dinner with the Bunco gang, last dinners with the boys, last goodbye to our old house and neighborhood and neighbors. Such a whirlwind!
It's been a whirlwind here too. We've pretty much finished painting the inside of the house.
Looking toward office and foyer.
Living room, view out to pool.
Family room, both sides.
New drapes in living room.
New drapes in kitchen.
Master, new bed and paint. Goodbye dark purple!!
We still have the guest rooms to go but I think the littler one will be fine the color it is and the bigger guest room will just have to stay a sassy peach color until next year. This is the little guest room. No pics of the lovely peach room for some reason!
We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Howard's brother Bo, his wife, Kim, their kids, Stokes and Lilly and Howard's sister, Sharon. It was a beautiful day and we were able to take our plates outside and eat next to the pool. We had never spent Thanksgiving with this side of the family so it was extra special.
Since my last update we've attended a neighborhood horse show (costumes included) and a local car show.
Howard went with our friend Mike to another car show in Ocala and then just this past weekend to the drag races in Bradenton.
We are expecting a visit from Tyler and Jessie this weekend! They are flying into Tampa, staying in St. Pete Beach for a couple nights and then coming our way. They can't stay long, just the weekend, but it will be great to see them and we can't wait for them to see where we are living now! I know two pups who will be so happy to see a familiar face or two!!
These cuties stole the show in their costumes for Halloween. Quinn became a local celebrity!
Such sweeties!!
Can't wait to see them again soon!! Happy Holidays everyone! And Happy New Year in case I don't get back here for a while!!!

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