Sunday, October 16, 2016

Florida Life and Visitors!

We've managed to get a few things accomplished this month. We were finally able to get the fence up in the backyard. The fence guys did a great job and it gives me lots of comfort when I take the dogs out that last time before bed to know they are in and other things I cannot see are out! Most anyway! That, with the added solar lights, helps me feel much braver!
Howard added a nice step down so the dogs (and mostly me) don't have to jump down from the flower bed to the grass.
As usual, he does great work! It looked like a professional job when he was done.
We had visitors this month! Our second hurricane since we moved here, Hurricane Matthew, and Amber and the girls arrived about the same time! It was still warm enough to swim in the pool and we only got rain and clouds, thankfully. The east coast got hit much harder. Thursday and Friday were rainy days spent around the house.
They brought us the cutest "housewarming" gift! We love it and have it hung where we can see it every day!
On Saturday the weather finally cleared up and we headed for the much anticipated destination of Weeki Wachee, Spring of the Live Mermaids!
The peacocks were a hit!
Waiting for the show!
The girls decided they now both want to be mermaids when they grow up. Quinn came home and spent the afternoon practicing her mermaid moves in the pool, complete with a "show" when she was finished! Quite impressive! She even managed to use a pool noodle as her "air hose"! Genius!
Weeki Wachee has been around since the 1940's, changing hands many times. I can remember going there when I was younger and also taking Amber when she was little. It's now owned by Florida Parks and is run in their laid back Florida style. No hurry, no worry! The girls enjoyed it and it was a nice trip down memory lane. If you're ever in Florida, you should see this piece of Florida history!
All too soon their visit was over! I wish the weather had been better! Of course, as soon as they left it's been gorgeous ever since and not even any rain! We have had a few chilly nights though and the pool temp has dropped. Too chilly for me when it's under 80 but Howard still jumps in when he gets hot and sweaty working in the yard!
So the other day I was in the backyard when I heard this clip-clop sound out front. I ran down the side walk just in time to see a guy on the back of a beautiful dapple gray, galloping down the street. I was ready for him on his way back but much to my dismay, my brand new iPhone couldn't upload the video!!! He even waved to me! So bummed! But then this morning Howard ran back in the house and said a woman on a horse was riding down the street! She was almost out of sight but I managed to snap one picture before she went over the hill! Twice in one week! Such excitement on our quiet, secluded street!
Well, there was this the other day! We were out for our morning walk and when we passed a man and his two dogs he said "there's some interesting road kill down there", tipping his head back to where he had come from. He said it was a Diamondback Rattle snake! Thankfully squished as he was crossing the road. Later that day I saw a turkey vulture snacking on him! Next time I go by I'm gonna see if the rattle is still attached! Great Florida souvenir!
We have begun painting! Man, it's harder than I remember and I'm not even doing most of it! I told Howard the next house we buy we probably won't be able to paint ourselves. My knee was killing me and his back was hurting! It's starting to look beautiful though, just like butta! Good bye lavender kitchen! Next time I'll post the "after" pics!
Here's your laugh for the day/month! Love these two more than all the stars in the sky!
Love from Florida! If you're reading this, know that I miss you! xoxoxoxo

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