Sunday, June 30, 2013


It's been another sultry, summer week. We've had hot temps and then quite a bit of rain. On Thursday a very strong thunderstorm blew through with high winds. Our cable (and internet and phone) went out and we didn't get it back until Saturday morning. Luckily we didn't loose our power like the neighborhood next to us.
I heard there was a bit of damage out at the garden but haven't been out there yet. Hopefully on Monday I can get out there and see how my plot fared. The veggies on the back deck are growing like gangbusters. The potatoes plants are huge but no flowers yet.
The tomatoes have lots of little fruits on them. They have more fruit than the plants at the garden.
I've spent the week mostly around the house. I went up to school one day for a meeting about painting the building and then went to my accountability partner's house for lunch. These accountability partners are part of our training, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that we are learning so that we can teach the children in the fall.
It's not easy but I am learning and trying to live the habits. Hopefully they will make me a better person and a better teacher, wife, mother and friend.
I've done a little baking this week, wheat bread, cinnamon raisin bread and a pineapple upsidedown cake from scratch. No pictures of any of those things for some reason!
We also had the carpets cleaned on the main level. I had a couple nasty spots that I couldn't get out when Charlie got sick. They did a good job but it took a while to get things dried out. Luckily today was cooler and not so muggy so we were able to open the windows and that helped, along with the fans.
Here's a little project that Tyler's been working on most of the afternoon on Saturday. He dug the trench and then H went out to help him lay the pipe. Our driveway has been flooding every time it rains since we've lived here. Turns out the drain only extends out about 8 feet then hits solid clay, hence the lack of drainage. They installed a long pipe all the way to the woods so hopefully that will take care of the flooding problem.
Amber, Andy and Quinn are out in Cali this weekend.
They, and the rest of Andy's family, are out there for the wedding of his brother. Quinn is in heaven getting to spend so much time with her cousins, she loves them so.
Almost as soon as they get home they will be getting ready for their move so that they can be in their new place before the baby comes later in July.
Tyler will be among the working class this week. He will be working in the meat department at our local grocery store. He is not happy about this but it's a job. Hopefully he will find something more to his liking soon but in the meantime this will help him pay his bills. Plus we get a 20% discount on grocery store brands!! Maybe I'll get a job at Kroger! I could definitely use that discount.
Nothing new with Scott. He lives the charmed life, what can I say?
We got this new rug. Love it!
The pups have gone on a few walks and trips to the park.
And we've had our share of parties! Wedding showers, 90th Birthday parties, Graduation parties. Party animals, that's us!
Have a good week!


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Great rug!

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Cute outfits!