Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer... and it's hot, hot, hot

It's been a busy couple of weeks here. According to my dear, sweet Auntie, one of my 3 faithful readers, I haven't even posted anything in June yet!! I've been busy Auntie, very, very busy!! First there was the countdown to the end of school. My birthday fell in there somewhere too and being that it was the last day of school it was a busy, exciting day. I did go to lunch with a few teacher friends and the Principal, who bought my lunch!! Then the boys took me out to dinner. We went to a Mexican restaurant where I had my yearly Margarita.
I had Mexican food for both lunch and dinner that day and I wasn't complaining! :-)
Then on Sunday Amber and Quinn came in to town. Unfortunately (but also fortunately) I had to attend training for a program we are adopting at school next year on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so I didn't get to see too much of the girls. They were able to find things to do though and H took off Wednesday and we were all together on Thursday and Friday.
Quinn and Amber and I went out to the garden one afternoon. No one else was there and Quinn enjoyed it so much. She was content to sit on a rock next to the sand box or play in the sand and didn't really want to leave.
Then on Friday we all spent a beautiful day at the zoo! The weather was absolutely perfect and we got there right when it opened because we had been told about the Giraffe feeding and we didn't want to miss it!
We saw most of the animals that day and Quinn didn't want to miss anything. I always enjoy the butterfly house.
The train ride was pretty fun too!
The zoo closed at 2:00 that day for a special event that evening so we tried to get everything done by 1:00 so that we could leave and go eat lunch. Here are some more special moments from that day at the zoo!
So much fun and it was so nice to spend time together! On Saturday Quinn tried to fit in all the things she wanted to do again before they left. That included taking the dogs to the field with Uncle Tyler. She got a little distracted picking flowers for Mommy but she and the dogs enjoyed their time together.
Tyler took them to the airport early that afternoon because we had to head up north to attend a wedding celebration. The bride and groom were actually married in February but it was a destination wedding and the families wanted to have a reception for them with all their friends. We drove up to Traverse City to our Bunco friend's Pam's house for the party.
Here is the lovely Mother-of-the-Groom and the Groom during their dance. Tears all around.
It was a quick trip. The reception that evening then back on the road. We made a couple quick stops in Glen Arbor and Empire on the way home. That's where we saw these horses and many more. The Michigan Trailriders were out in full force.
Since coming back from up north last Sunday I've just been busy around the house. I've walked every day and spent some time in the garden weeding. It's not looking too good right now. Eventhough I'm not growing potatoes this year in my plot it seems my neighbor is and her bugs are coming over to my plot and munching on one of my tomato plants!
I did harvest these radishes though this week.
And the lettuce is looking pretty good. I brought some of that home too.
My first tomato on a bush the bugs aren't eating.
The garlic is still looking good, starting to put on scapes.
That's about it. This weekend has been pretty busy too. On Saturday I attended a wedding shower for my bowling partner Judy's daughter Jill. The wedding is in August but I won't be able to go to that as I'll be in Virginia visiting my new grandbaby!
Tonight we are going to a birthday party for Judy's Dad, Bill. He's going to be 90 this week! What a great guy too. So happy we get to celebrate this day with all of them!
Everyone else here is fine (this especially for my Auntie). Amber is in her final month of pregnancy. Her delivery is scheduled for July 25. I'll be flying over a couple days before to take care of Quinn while they go to the hospital. H will come over the next weekend so he can spend as much time with Mommy and Baby when they get home from the hospital.
Tyler is still looking for the perfect job. He's had a few offers already but so far has not found anything in his field and he really wants to be able to use that degree he worked so hard for. He is probably going to have to take something soon just to pay his bills and to add to his car fund.
Scott is doing well. He's still enjoying his job and spends his weekend hanging out with his friends. He kind of comes and goes as he pleases which is fine with me, as long as he comes hone quietly and locks the doors!
H-man is enjoying a little more free time lately. He actually joined a golf league and plays every Wednesday. We went last night to get him a new driver. It seems clubs have changed quite a big in the last 10 years, when he last purchased clubs. Hopefully this one will help his game a little.
I guess that's all the news worth reporting. This weekend is hot and muggy. The house is closed up, air conditioning on and fans going. Temps are in the high 80's all week and no real break in site for a while.
Have a good week!

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