Sunday, February 3, 2013

Back to the Deep Freeze...

Our little thaw was just that, little!! Since then we've had a snow/ice event. That started on a Sunday night and as I was getting ready for bed, listening to the sleet hit the window, I felt fairly certain there would be no school on Monday. At 5:40 the next morning I found out I was right, getting a robo-call to that effect. The surprising part was getting another one the next morning, back roads were impassable. It's funny, I rarely think of back roads around here since I don't travel on any but there are plenty of them that the busses go down and if the busses can't get to school we don't have to go either.
It was cold enough for the neighborhood kids (and some parents) to play hockey on the pond.
After that we had another thaw that brought lots of fog! That lasted another couple days.
Now we are back to freezing cold weather and snow flurries. We've only had a few inches here and there, hardly enough to even shovel.
I took this today when I took the pups to the park. It was really cold but not too much snow on the ground so they weren't complaining too much. Sometimes when the snow is deep and wet they get snow balls in their pads and have to keep stopping to bite them out.
I'm trying my best to keep walking most days. I walked in the hallways at school several days this week, even having company one day. I was already underway and the Principal wanted to talk to me so she tagged along. A teacher saw us walking and wanted to talk to both of us so she joined in too. It was a bit comical, me in my sweat pants and sneakers, the other two in their high heels! I appreciated the gesture though!
I saw this out the window yesterday afternoon. He had been sniffing around in the grass and then just jumped up and sat on this rock for the longest time. Funny.
I've been in a baking mood lately. Must be the cold. Last weekend I made this granola and some English muffins.
Today I made these chocolate chip cookies. It's my Granny's recipe. I have it on a recipe card, written in her hand (laminated for protection). It's a family treasure. I couldn't bring myself to use "oleo" though. It was all the rage back when she made these cookies. I substituted real butter and it was just as good and healthier than oleo, I hope!
Friday night was bowling so I didn't walk that night. We were bowling our good friends, Mark and Cheryl. One of their teammates wasn't there and poor Cheryl is trying to get used to her new ball so we had a slight advantage, though Mark can usually make up for it. We won the first game by a pretty good margin, lost the second game by 5 and won the last game so we were able to get totals too. We were tied for 1st place and I think we still are as the other team that was tied for 1st won 3 games also.
After I took the pups to the park I went for a walk myself. It was 19 degrees, lightly snowing with a light breeze. It was very cold! Thankfully there was a little snow on the ground so I wore my snow shoes/boots and it wasn't slippery. That's what I hate most about walking outside. Not the cold but the slippery factor. I don't want to break something. That would put an end to all walking possibly.
I've lost track of the number of times I've thought about how nice it would be to live in Florida right now. Maybe I should take that weather location off my phone. Every time I look at our weather here the weather in St. Pete Beach comes up and it always sounds like someplace I would rather be! I just hope when I'm old enough to retire I can still enjoy it! But for now I'll just have to look forward to and keep counting down to our cruise at the end of February. It can't get here soon enough! Have a good week!

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