Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Week

Another week and weekend have flown past. The week flies by. My new job keeps me busy, checking in here and there, going where needed or making connections that will be needed later. One kindergartner I had been spending a lot of time with has been out sick. Last report was that he has pneumonia and has been in intensive care. Poor kid. Coming back to school, whenever that might be, will be hard for him having been out for more than a week.
I went back to the Dr. this week so he could check my eye. He said everything looked good and I didn't need to come back for a month. The last day or so I've noticed that the stitches seem to be sticking out of my eyelid. I hope that means they are still dissolving. The scratchy feeling in my eye has stopped which is good. Now I just have to go another week without makeup.
Saturday morning H and I went out to breakfast and then to the farmer's market. It's amazing how much stuff is still out there. They close in just a couple weeks. We were stocking up on the pasture raised ground beef but also picked up some salad greens and late season tomatoes. It was rainy and damp most of the day. I managed to squeeze in a walk between showers but we never did see the sun. Today dawned bright and beautiful. What a difference a little sun can make.
We went for a little drive today to visit Scott's new apartment. It's very nice and he seems very happy there. He has a nice view of the woods instead of the parking lot which is really nice for him.
When we returned from Scott's, I took the pups to the high school and they were so happy. Yesterday was too rainy and they spent the day following me around. Zoe was particularly frisky today and did her best to keep the frisbee away from Charlie every chance she got.
From the high school we went out to the garden. I'm sorry to say I haven't been out there in over a month. So bad. I wanted to pick up my tomato cages before something happened to them.
Most plots look as bad or worse than mine. Only a few look like they had been tended recently.
Here's a beautiful Fall picture.
I harvested my carrots. Many of them had been snacked on my something but I was able to salvage many of them.
I also picked some Rosemary. That's really all that was left. The few frosts we had got everything else. I really need to spend a few hours out there and get it ready for Winter. I also need to plant my garlic, and soon. Maybe next weekend.
So that's it. Another week, gone. Bowling this week! Have a good week!

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Anonymous said...

We know a couple of bunnies who would be very interested in those carrots!