Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall, Moving Day and other stuff

So, yesterday was moving day for Scott. He was hoping to move last weekend but his new roommate was sick and not in the mood. Plus he has until the end of the month so there was no big hurry. Except for Scott. However, Scott was kept busy with the first week of his new job! He likes it, he really likes it!! We are so happy for him that he has found something he really likes. His new roommate had a lot more to move since he's been living on his own for a while. Scott just basically had his bedroom stuff and his TV from the basement.
I told him he could take a few supplies until he gets to the grocery store or gets his first paycheck, whichever comes first.
Tyler made it to Hawaii with no problems and his luggage made it too! He had quite a few plane changes to he's lucky they both got there together. He's settled in his new place and has already found a car to take him around to his interviews. We were supposed to "talk" last Sunday but he forgot and then went to a movie so we just chatted via text. I find I don't get enough information that way. Hopefully we will talk today.
Amber has been busy too. First she had two weeks, back to back of political conventions, a week at home and then a trip to Thailand. She is visiting her friend, Paddy, who she lived with in NYC. I just hope she's relaxing and recharging. I haven't heard much about what she's doing, just seen a few pictures on Instagram. Quinn has been keeping her Daddy company and busy, I'm sure. They've been going places every weekend. She even had her first horsey ride last weekend.
I know she will be glad to see her Mama later today. Not much else is new. The temps have gotten cooler, especially in the mornings, and I've even had to turn the furnace on. It was down in the 40's one morning and that just makes it too chilly in the house.
The hummingbirds are still stopping by so I keep the feeder filled.
The regular bird feeders are being emptied on a regular basis and I find myself filling them up twice a week, at least.
The school year is off to a good start. We haven't started seeing students for ESL yet but probably will this coming week. I also have a new position. As I thought, our ESL hours have been cut. Each of the 3 aids hours was cut in half, from 6 to 3. The other two ESL aides are going to also be reading aides but I am taking a new position as a Behavior Intervention Aide. It is a much needed position at our building and I hope to be able to help those kids that are between basic and special ed, those that need a little extra guidance or help adjusting. So far I've intervened with a few, mostly kindergartners and a first grader. I will be starting full force this week so I'm sure I will be busy.
My pups are missing Tyler who took them to the park every few days. I took them yesterday but today we had rain so we just hung around here.
So that's the news from Michigan. Nothing earth shattering but life goes on. We are empty-nesters. Fall is here.
Have a good week!

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Great pictures. Especially the one of Ms. Q!