Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bowling, Birds and Mysteries...

This week went by so fast! Guess that's what happens when you're busy. I tried to come home for lunch this week to let the pups out but a couple of days it just wasn't possible. I guess that shows they can make it, as long as I don't stay too long after school is out.
Things were pretty quiet around here all week. Scott came home on Sunday to do his version of a clean up and then we didn't hear from him until Friday. Apparently he's having a little car trouble. When he called H the first time the car had stopped in the middle of the road and he was lucky to get it pulled over to a turn lane. He called us on the way to bowling and said he was calling a buddy to pick him up and then a tow truck. Bummer.
So we went off to bowling. We were bowling a team that had taken 4 points the time before. Three teams took 4 points, we took 3 so that put us in 4th place. Well, really tied for 4th because 4 other teams had taken 3 points too! But the really exciting part of the evening was, because I had won ladies high game the time before, I WAS ON "THE SHEET"! I don't think I've ever been on the sheet! That's the paper that let's everyone know all the standings. The rest of my team mates are on the sheet often but not me! We bowled really well Friday night. Well, I guess not really well but it felt like it because we took all 4 points! I actually beat everyone on my team one of the games and I didn't bowl all that well! However we did it we did it and that's all we care about in the end!
So, we are finished bowling and sitting at the Royal Diner waiting for our dinner to come and my phone rings. It's not a number I recognize and no one's name is attached to it and usually I don't answer those calls but for some reason I did and boy, am I glad! A sweet little girl voice comes on the phone and asks if I have a dog named Zoe! Turns out she was walking down our street after leaving the high school football game a few blocks from our house and she has found this little dog in the street. It took me a few minutes because in my head I'm trying to go down a list of possible reasons Zoe can be out of my house and on the street and I'm not coming up with anything good! I'm thinking someone broke in and let both dogs out and Charlie is long gone or something along those lines. I know we didn't leave her tied out or anything, at least I'm thinking we didn't. At any rate, I take off, leaving H and our friends behind, and race home as fast as I can. The little girl (teenager really) has told me she's just a few houses away from our house but there's no place to put Zoe so I have to get home, get the leash and then walk to meet her.
Turns out it's just one house away from me and she and a few friends and the lady that lives in the house are all standing out in the driveway waiting for me. Zoe was so happy to see me and left no doubt that she belonged to me with her crying and jumping! I thanked them profusely and took Zoe home. Now I'm worried about what I will find there. I already know Charlie is in the house because I saw him when I opened the door to get the leash. I didn't look around though as I was in a hurry. This time I walked in and announced loudly for "someone" to get the gun because we were going down to the basement to check things out! I figured if anyone got in to the house that would have been the way. Now is probably a good time to tell you that H is on the homeowners association board of directors and has just mentioned a week or so ago how we have had two break-ins in the neighborhood lately. Hence the gun comment! So off me and my brave canines go to the basement with our "gun" which really is just the leash I have in my hand. Everything in the basement looks fine, nothing open. Hmmmmmm, time to rethink this whole break-in thing. After making sure everything at home was ok I drove back to the diner to finish my dinner and pick H up. While eating we decided what must have happened was that just before we left for bowling I had been on the deck with both dogs. When I came in only Charlie made it and we didn't notice Zoe out there. We locked up and left and sometime between 6:00 and 10:00 Zoe escaped from the deck and was enjoying her freedom in the neighborhood. I think it's more likely that she stayed on the deck until maybe she heard the voices of those kids and then wiggled out and went to them but I guess we'll never know because Zoe isn't talking about her escapades!
At least that night ended well, we won 4 points at bowling and Zoe was returned to us. Turns out Scott's problem was his radiator and he got it replaced and it wasn't too expensive after all.
Oh, it was also our 38th anniversary and H brought this out Friday morning before we left for work. Such planning!! They were beautiful. He even arranged them in the vase himself!
The rest of the weekend was uneventful. H and I did a lot of cleaning up and cleaning out. Instead of Spring cleaning we saved it for Fall. More and more signs of Fall are starting to appear.
Leaves are starting to turn.
Birds are turning too.
One more exciting milestone; look who's sleeping in a big girl bed!
The report is that her first few sleeps in it were a success! How exciting!
She's getting so big! Have a good week!

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Such drama! Great post.