Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time Flies When Your Head's Swimming...

And my head has sure been swimming this week! I really love my new job but there is so much to learn. The first couple days I went out with the teacher and other aide to different schools to gather info. Then later in the week I was sent out on my own to do some testing of new students. There were a couple glitches, one not my fault the other a forgetful mistake (thought I had the testing booklet, got the kid out of class, no testing booklet, oops), but no harm was done and I got everything done I needed to for our big 4 hour meeting on Friday. I'm not used to sitting in meetings but it was kind of nice. I know that won't last long as we will be out in the field servicing kids very soon. Tomorrow morning we have another meeting to start with scheduling. I will probably have 2 elementary schools to visit a couple days a week for just a couple hours a day. The rest of the time will be spent in my building as we have the biggest population of non-English speaking students. I think I'm really going to enjoy this job if I can remember everything I need to. It involves a lot of paperwork and reporting.

Friday night was our first bowling. Unfortunately we didn't do too well. We only took 1 point and only lost totals by 30 something. Not good. We still had a good time though. Bill was able to get out of work to make it so it's always a good time when he's able to be there.

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with chores except for a few hours yesterday when my friend Sandy and I went to the Farmer's Market and then to a lovely craft show where I did not (maybe) buy anything for my darling granddaughter! It had been raining most of the morning but stopped just long enough for us to run through the Farmer's Market and the sun actually came out when we got to the craft show.

Today was a beautiful day. Not a cloud (or drop of rain) in sight. I cut the last of the roses and brought them inside so I can enjoy them for a few more days.

They're gorgeous and they smell so good too.

Yesterday I took Charlie & Zoe to the high school field but it was so darn wet we didn't stay long. After all that rain the field was pretty soggy and they came back home pretty wet. I tried to get the pups up to the park today but there were so many things going on up at the high school I didn't think it was a good idea. Too many distractions and cars coming and going for old Charlie boy. They were quite disappointed. Going through the car wash just wasn't the same. Thankfully Scott took them for me a little later while I was cooking dinner so they did get out for a bit.

Here they are looking longingly out the window at H who spent a bit of time out there helping Scott with the yard mowing chore.

Not much else to report. Amber has decided to only work part-time and from home so Quinn is no longer going to day care. Not sure how that will work out yet but they are giving it a try. It's hard to get anything done with a baby around, let alone an important job like Amber has. I know little Quinn will enjoy having her mommy around more. I can't believe she's already 8 months old! She is growing up so fast!

Tyler says that it is Korea's equivalent to our Thanksgiving this week so he only works Monday and then has the week off. He and a friend are talking about going to a nearby island for a couple days. I'm hoping that will equal a blog post?? One can hope anyway.

Scott has started his new semester and is going to school 5 days a week. Two mornings he has quite a drive as he has two classes at another campus about 45 minutes or so away. It's not bad right now but when winter comes along that could be tough. Hopefully we won't get too much snow between now and Christmas. His plans to move out haven't worked out so I think he's decided to just focus on school, get it over with, get a job and then move out. Sounds like a plan!

Not much else to report. I never did make it out to the garden this weekend. I really need to get out there sometime. Maybe I will go after school one day but not tomorrow as I'm getting a hair cut and then Tuesday night is curriculum night though I'm not sure if I'm required to go or not. Well, I know I'm not getting paid to go, let's put it that way, but I might be expected to be there anyway. I do know the Hispanic Mom's are having a bake sale so I know my teacher will be there so I will probably have to stay too. So like I said, maybe Wednesday.

Have a good week!


Lynilu said...

I love the picture of the pups looking out the window. So sweet.

And that baby!! OMG!!

Good luck with the job. It's always exciting and tough to get through the first weeks of a new position. Have fun with it!

Deb said...

Thanks Lynilu. It is exciting but there is just so much to learn, with more to come!