Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vaca Part III - More Gloomy Days

So the weather report for Tuesday wasn't any better. I have never seen Florida weather like this before. Did I already mention that? Usually it will storm, push through and be gone in a couple hours. Even hurricanes and tropical depressions don't hang around this long. Apparently, from what I could gather because most of the weather reports weren't that helpful, there was alot of moisture in the Gulf (duh, it's a body of water) and there was a front right on the border of Georgia and Florida that was stationary so nothing was moving and the clouds were just filling up all day long and pouring over most of Florida. We walked on the beach both days because there was no threat of thunder. As you can see, other than the birds and some seashells, we were the only ones out there.

We did drive up to Clearwater Beach on Tuesday and look around a little but most of Wednesday was spent watching movies or reading, just hanging around Camelot.

Me, reading.

Exciting stuff... And just a little teaser, things got a little better on Thursday but the weather didn't.

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Lynilu said...

I donno, sometimes those cloudy days at the beach are beautiful. Perhaps because some people stay away, and I've seen even more birds. I like beaches, sun or cloud, I guess. :)