Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's Been a While...

It's been so long (except for wishing Charlie a Happy Birthday) I almost don't remember where to begin. We were just getting ready to go visit Quinn and family I believe. We went back and forth trying to figure out if we could leave on Wednesday or wait until Friday because of a conflict with H's work. Finally things came together quickly and we decided to leave on Wednesday. We also decided to take "the Mustang" on this trip, it's longest road trip so far. We left around 8:00 a.m. but by 8:45 H wanted to pull over so I could drive!! Now, keep in mind, the Mustang is a 5 speed manual and I've only driven it once and haven't really driven a stick (except for that one time I drove the Mustang) in many, many years. We were pulled off the Interstate and I was going to have to get us back on there and get us going. Yes, I was nervous but I sucked it up, shifted into first and got us on the road. After all, the sooner we got on the road the sooner we got to see our little grandbaby!!

It was a long day and we didn't get in until almost 10:00 and Quinn was already in bed so we didn't even get to see her that first night. Thursday was H's birthday and what a nice gift to be able to spend it with Quinn. We also spent it unloading Amber's old fridge into coolers and taking delivery of her shiny new stainless steel fridge! Since it was a work night/day for Amber & Andy we fixed H a birthday dinner at home. We did eat red potatoes that I brought from the garden though and boy were they good!

H took on a project while he was there of installing under cabinet lights in their kitchen. My project was taking care of Quinn while Mommy & Daddy were at work! I did take a little time Friday afternoon to go to the pool though. I hadn't been out of the house in a day and a half so I figured it was time!

Here she is sitting in her new high chair! Such a big girl!
Saturday Amber and I spent a little time at the pool relaxing while H continued his work in the kitchen and Andy spent quality time with his daughter. We also went out to a local micro brewery/restaurant for dinner that night.

Here's the cross-stitch wall hanging I've been working on for 6 months. It's now hanging up in Quinn's room.

Sunday wasn't very sunny so we took a quick trip to the mall instead of going to the pool. Before we knew it our time with Quinn and her family was over and we headed back to Michigan. We try each time to find a better/quicker route but this time we weren't successful. Both coming and going we added more time to our trip than we had hoped. Sadly, the quickest way is the most boring, on the toll roads through Ohio and the Pennsylvania mountains. I hope we fly next time, that's all I'm sayin'.

I spent a couple hours in the garden on Thursday. It needed some serious weeding and maintenance, not to mention harvesting! Look at this bounty!

We had this potato (and a couple of his friends) for dinner last night.

It was big enough that H and I shared it! There is nothing, I say NOTHING, like the taste of a fresh potato. The texture is so different from the store bought ones. I think this one is a Yukon Gold variety. It was amazing with just a little butter, salt and pepper. Even Scott, who usually loads his up with sour cream, skipped it last night and ate it with just the butter, salt and pepper. Digging potatoes is like a treasure hunt though, you never know what you're gonna get. When I found this one I was shocked. It's the biggest one I've harvested so far and I've found some as small as a grape. I'll definitely be planting more of these next year.

I spent a little time this weekend turning one thing into something else. For example, I turned these

into these.

And then we turned this, an empty dining room because we sold all our old dining room furniture yesterday (YEA!!!)

into this.

We moved my old legal secretary desk and my mom's credenza up to this room to turn it into an office. We are trying to use pieces we already have and spend little to no money converting it into a space we will actually use. Today I was cleaning this desk and was just amazed at the workmanship. We bought it over 20 years ago from the law firm where I used to work. They were converting all these old typewriter desks into the new modern L shaped desks that were made of metal. This desk is made of solid wood. The drawers are dove-tailed joints, no nails. The pull-outs (yes, it has one on each side) are also solid wood. It even has wood paper shelves inside the drawers. I've been oiling it and oiling it and it's just sucking up the oil. We still need to move the computer, printer, speakers, etc. in but H will have to do some serious wiring before that can take place. I don't even know if the phone jack in there works or not. I'm not usually one for change but I think this might be a good one when it's over. However, my main goal is to do it as cheaply as possible. I think we will have to buy a new chair though as we don't actually have an office type chair. We've used a kitchen chair at the computer desk up until now. Now, if we could just sell that piano!! It's like an elephant in the room!

In other news, Amber, Andy and Quinn are out in Colorado this week for a family reunion. I know they both need the time away to rest and relax and I hope they are enjoying that fresh mountain air.

Tyler just finished his English camp week and is now looking forward to two weeks off. He'll be staying pretty close to home though because he can't really afford a vacation just now. He just posted these beautiful pictures on his Facebook so I thought I would steal them to give you an idea of where he's living. It looks like a beautiful area.

Scott has one more week of summer classes and an interview tomorrow for a paid internship. It's a marketing internship so it would be good experience and of course, the money would be nice too. He's getting closer to leaving the nest too. He's put a deposit down on a house that he will share with one of his buddies come September 1. While I do think this will be a good experience for Scott, after all, he is 21, almost 22 years old, I will also miss him and worry about him. I know he'll come visit often though, at least so he can see these two.

Speaking of which, if I leave soon we will have enough daylight left to enjoy a couple frisbee tosses. They've been following me around for hours waiting to see if I will grab my keys and say, "let's go"!!

Have a good week!

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