Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Deep in Winter...

We are deep into winter. Christmas and the prep for it have come and gone. My two readers already know most of what's been happening but here's the update.
We've cut down quite a few trees. Some were dangerously close to the neighbor's roof line, some were too close to our deck, some blocked too much sun from our deck in summer and others were removed so that I can possibly have a small garden in the back yard now that I've decided to give up the plot at the Community Garden.
We've had ice storms, snow storms and below 0 freezing temperatures and days off from school that come with it. I am currently on day 3 (Friday, Monday & Tuesday) and had 3 other days before that, including the Friday before Christmas break. My paycheck is taking quite a hit! This has been the coldest and snowiest January in Michigan's recorded history.
Charlie enjoyed his gift but unfortunately, this one was thrown away about 30 minutes later when he had ripped it and removed most of the stuffing. A couple days after Christmas Amber, Andy and the girls joined us for our second Christmas. It was just as exciting and maybe moreso than the first since Quinn had a ball opening and playing with her presents. Kids bring so much joy to the day.
Even though Q didn't get a real puppy, this one was the next best thing. Nothing compares to Charlie though. She spent lots of time reading to him and playing music for him. You can see he's enthralled.
There was sledding, visiting, reading, eating, baby holding, all kinds of family fun.
We even made time for a family portrait!
Love it!
All too soon it was over, New Year's day they all left and it was sooooo quiet and we missed them.
And before we knew it we were back to school and work and it was very cold and life goes on.
Instead of New Year's resolutions I made a couple goals. One was to get off of my medications. Toward that end I went to see a holistic medicine lady and I'm currently on day 4 of a liver cleanse. It's hard. I drink these healthy shakes 3 times a day and eat only certain veggies and fruit. No protein (except beans) and no carbs. It's hard. I was super hungry for a few days. Today is better. We'll see how it goes. I'm going for at least 7 days and 14 is my end goal.
I'm also up to my neck in planning a Leader in Me Parent Night. It's scheduled for this Thursday night and these snow days are not helping me bring the plan to fruition. I'm really hoping we have school tomorrow so everyone can get done what they need to get done before Thursday night! It's our first time opening our school and showing people what we've been learning and teaching so I'm hoping for success!
This guy has been visiting the wood pile often. This isn't the best picture of him but he's a beauty. Watch out little sparrows!!
And while it's very cold here today, bitter cold, too cold for school, at least the sun is out. That's a bonus, right? It's either been very gray or very cold. At this moment it's hard to convince myself that "spring" is only a couple months away.
Hurry Spring!

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Great update! Worth the wait!