Sunday, December 16, 2012

Counting Down and Crossing Off...

I think a week out is a good time to start the countdown. This time next week our "company" will be here and we will be in full Christmas mode.
This weekend I've tried to just stay busy. Luckily there was plenty to do. I tried to keep the tv off and the Christmas carols on Pandora streaming.
Friday night was difficult. You want to get information but you don't really want to watch. It's just so tragic. The brave teachers and staff at that school in Connecticut were incredible. We practice lock-downs at school every so often. Of course since this happened at a school I try to think what I might do if this were to occur at my school. I decided I'm not really as prepared as I should be. With my luck and with this current job I would probably be walking the halls anyway.
Let's face it, there are so many things wrong here. First, this guy was obviously mentally ill. No person, no matter how evil, could mow down all these little children unless he was sick. Second, why did this guy's mother own an assault rifle. Why does anyone who is not in the military, need an assault weapon. I get people's rights to own guns, but an assault rifle? No matter how much investigation there is into this matter, it will never make sense, never.
So, I've been keeping very busy this weekend trying to remain distracted. H and I made a long list of things we wanted to accomplish and he was a great help! He got the tree up and the lights on and some of the ornaments on too. We are saving the rest for next weekend so Quinn and Amber can finish. He also unpacked my Snow Baby ornaments for me and got them all set up.
What was I doing during this time?
Baking cookies.
Decorating cookies.
Putting cookies on plates.
Also getting Tyler's package ready for the mail. What do you buy for the guy who has everything? He'll just have to wait until December 25 to find out!
I also managed to take both pups for a walk this weekend.
Zoe got to go on Saturday and Charlie went on Sunday. Charlie got his own Gentle Leader so now they don't have to share.
Zoe's walk was uneventful but Charlie had 3 run-ins today. One of the run-ins was with a woman walking 3 pugs! They were all going crazy. Thankfully I didn't fall down and we were able to finish our walk.
I also managed to get a couple other things done like laundry and cleaning my aquarium, picking up dog waste, filling my bird feeders, getting my hair cut, shopping at Target early Saturday morning, but I don't have pictures of all that exciting stuff.
There is still so much more to do. I haven't wrapped one gift yet and I even have a few more coming in the mail still. I'm pretty sure that everything will be here by Christmas day! Plus this week I have my staff Christmas party, the school parties, a cookie exchange, lunch with my ESL girls and bowling Friday night!
Oh, and I almost forgot. Scott is moving back in tomorrow. He has had a problem with his roommate that can't be solved and he can't stay there. H is taking off a half day tomorrow to help him move his stuff back in. Looks like we will have a full house for Christmas.
Have a good week!

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