Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

Just a note: This was supposed to post Sunday night at 10:00 but for some reason it did not. Oops!! It was nice to have 5 days off. I had the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off too but H had to work. It was nice to sleep in a bit and have a little break. Thanksgiving day was pretty quiet. H and I took a long walk in the sunshine before I started the dinner preps. I made a cheese ball and got the apple pie together before dinner. It was pretty simple fare, turkey breast, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and green beans. We decided not to bother with rolls this year since last year we were all too full to even eat them. It was after 3:00 when Scott arrived and we ate shortly after that. After the guys cleaned up it was on to turkey induced naps. Friday night was bowling but I didn't go. I was having some problems with my stomach and wasn't feeling up to it. I really didn't feel well until today. Some kind of a bug I guess. H went though and said we took 3 points. We were tied for 2nd place as of Friday night.
H spent most of the day yesterday putting up the outside Christmas lights. It was very cold but he got it all done. The last three days have been very gray. Depressingly gray. This is the beginning of the time of year that I have a hard time with. I need sunshine. Too much gray for too many days is just depressing. I saw this little guy the other day.
It's a Junco. Soon after you see a Junco you see this
It varies from a few days to a couple weeks but it's right behind his arrival.
I also saw this guy over the weekend. He took quiet a nap in this cozy spot out in the woods.
Still no sign of Stumpy. His cousins aren't talking.
Amber, Andy & Quinn spent the weekend on the west side of the state with Andy's whole family. Quinn had a blast playing with her cousins. We are so looking forward to spending time with all of them over the Christmas holidays. Someone has already put her request in with Santa.
I'm sure he'll bring her everything she's asking for because she's been such a good girl!
I'm almost finished with my Christmas shopping. We are keeping it simple this year, low key. Nothing much else is new here.
Have a good week!!

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