Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's Quiet Around Here....

There's not much happening around here this week. Going back to work wasn't too bad, except the getting up at 5:15 part. That part was hard, very hard. By Friday I was feeling quite sleep deprived.

Friday night was bowling. We were in second place, down 2 points, grrrrrr. Losing 3 points on position night a couple weeks ago really hurt us. We were all determined that this week wouldn't be the same. Determination can be a good thing. We battled and some games we didn't win by that much, but it was enough and we won all 4 points. I know the number one team lost at least 1 so we could either still be in second place or we may be in first. Unfortunately, next time we bowl we bowl the team that we lost 3 points to two weeks ago.

This weekend was spent mostly undecorating the house. By this afternoon at 5:00 we had finally finished. I really hate undecorating. It's so much work and not nearly as much fun as decorating. The only good thing about it is the house looks good, uncluttered.

I took the pups to the park yesterday but didn't make it today.

Today was filled with other things. One thing I did was this.

Delicious rosemary olive oil bread. This time I accidentally added too much water so I had to add more flour so instead of 3 loaves I made 4. Hopefully they will taste just as good.

I also had to make a batch of dog food. That took a little time too. Just not enough hours in the two day weekend.

Here's Zoe waiting for dinner.

So that's about all that's going on. Not much to write home about. We did talk to this little cutie a few times this week. She calls to check in on her Charlie Boy.

This is a picture of the picture we got for Christmas. She looks so adorable.

I'm putting a couple more videos on here for Tyler. She really loves singing and dancing to her Christmas songs!

Have a good week!

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Anonymous said...

Those dogs look pooped! You must have worn them out!