Sunday, November 6, 2011


While most of last week was decent weather, only one day of gray as I recall, this weekend was beautiful, once again. Sunny, in the high 50's-low 60's with a little breeze today. We can't really complain about that.

However, I had my little bubble of nice weather burst when I saw this fellow yesterday.

I thought I had seen one earlier in the week but it was while I was walking into school and it was still dark out but I thought I saw his dark feathers and white belly as I approached the door. I talked myself out of it though and figured it was just a little sparrow or something.

After yesterday (and then again today) I had to admit it was really a Junco. These little fellows are to winter what the Robin is to spring around here, a sure sign that snow isn't far away.

This little guy was all puffed up and sitting in the sun trying to soak it up. He'll stay around all winter and I'll need to keep the thistle feeder full for him and his brothers and sisters. I thought he looked so cute.

Not much else going on around here this weekend. We managed to get some chores done, laundry, aquarium cleaned, car maintenance, fun stuff like that. H took my car in for an oil change and discovered that the grinding sound I've been hearing is the brakes (or the rotor, whatever that is) and it will need to go into the shop this week for repair. I'm crossing my fingers that it won't break the bank.

I was able to take the pups up to the high school both days and boy, were they happy. Zoe did not want to stop, even when she had to lay down because she was panting so hard. Every time I would start walking toward the car she would grab the frisbee out of my hand and run off with it!

They had fun!

Saturday night H had tickets for the Red Wings game so he invited Bill, our bowling partner, to go with him. It was Bill's birthday yesterday so that was a nice treat. Better than going to work which was what he was planning to do. H reported that fun was had by all that the Wings won which always makes the game better.

I joined some friends at a local restaurant/bar to listen to a local band called The Locals. Catchy!! One of the members happens to be one of our 5th grade teachers. He plays bass and sings a little. They sang a lot of 80's and 90's stuff and overall were good, though loud for the venue and when we left I couldn't hear for a while. I even treated myself to a drink, a frozen margarita which I managed to nurse for the whole two hours we were there.

It's back to work tomorrow but we have something to look forward to this week. On Tuesday our two favorite girls arrive.

They will only stay for one night before they head over to the west side to visit for a few days but then will be back our way on Friday for a nice long weekend visit. If that wasn't excitement enough, I also have Bunco this week and then bowling Friday night!! Wooo Hooo!! Should be quite a week!

Have a good week!

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Anonymous said...

I think a certain Ms. Someone would be very interested in attending bowling with y'all!