Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day (all you mother's)

What a great weekend!! Imagine our surprise when bright and early Saturday morning Howard is looking out the window and sees someone walking up our driveway. Without his contacts he can't tell who it is. When I look out I recognize someone we surely were not expecting: AMBER!! She flew in for Mother's Day! What a great surprise! Those are the kinds of surprises I love. We spent the rest of that day shopping and checking into shower locations. Sunday was spent in the yard with everyone pitching in with planting and weeding. It goes so much faster when everyone helps! I planted some of my flowers and tomatoes in pots. Everything is starting to look so green. My dogwood is blooming this year, the second year in a row. Usually we have some freak frost just as the buds are setting and it doesn't bloom. It is so pretty right now.

Later in the day Scott went over to pick up my Mother so she could join us for dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. As she approached the table she did a double take when she looked at Amber and realized who was sitting at the table. We enjoyed a really nice dinner but then had to get Amber ready for her return trip to the airport and back to Virginia. What a whirlwind weekend! The weather was gorgeous, we got to see Amber and got so much accomplished! The cute little angel statue was a gift from Scott and Howard for Mother's Day. We really missed Tyler. This was the first Mother's Day without him here. He called me first thing this morning and I opened his gift while talking to him. He sent me some Hawaii souvenirs! He's doing well, spring classes ended Friday, summer classes start tomorrow and he says he's been going surfing every day. What a life!

This evening while cleaning up the kitchen I found this little critter cleaning up right outside my kitchen window. He likes to run through my window box and dig things up in there, probably looking for nuts he buried last fall.

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